"The best way to predict

the future, is to

invent it!"-  Alan Kay

Elective offerings may change from year to year. Here are some examples of past elective courses we have offered:

Band: for students who play an instrument or wish to learn to play a musical instrument and would like to participate in SVA's concert band. Curriculum will build throughout the year.  Open to any student in grades 5-8, no prior experience is needed. 
Intro to Theater: A crash course in all things theater. Students will learn the inner workings of the theater, including the language of the discipline. The class will take a field trip to a local theater complete w/backstage tour.  Open to all students, regardless of theater experience. No class performance. 

Theater,  Spring Musical: This class will cover all aspects of theater production including set design, costumes, and props. The class produces the spring musical.  In addition to on-stage opportunities,  the class offers plenty of opportunities for students who wish to remain behind the scenes including stage crew, set/prop designers, and more. Students must audition for on-stage parts. 

Team Sports: Students will learn and play seasonal sports as well as develop team and sportsmanship skills while they learn through healthy competition. General understanding, skill, and sportsmanship are emphasized.  Student athletes are encouraged to participate as emphasis will be placed on the current season's sport.

Drill Team/Flags/Dance Squad: This class is open to anyone who wants to participate in color guard with the possibility of performing in Visalia area parades.  Learn the basics of performing synchronized, choreographed routines using flags and ribbons.

Robotics: Students will learn the basic principles of robotics. While focusing on design and programming, students will develop their creative problem solving skills.  Through playful learning experiences, students will learn how hypotheses, equations, and planning translate into real-world solutions, and skills.  This will allow them to engage in guided and independent projects as well as competitions.  

Coding: Students will learn the basics of coding and create individual and group projects, including animation, games, and apps. No coding experience necessary. 

Yearbook: Students will create the school yearbook. Student reporters will gather and organize photos and information throughout the year.  Students will design the layout of yearbook pages including class photos, photo collages, and event pages. They will gather student and teacher quotes, select photographs, choose a theme, design a cover, promote yearbook sales and more. The completed yearbook will be a treasured record of memories made during the year.  

Creative Writing: Adventures in creative writing. Genres include creative non-fiction, songwriting, slam poetry, graphic novels, and more. 

Debate: Would you like to learn how to craft a persuasive argument? Learn the art of effective and persuasive speaking. The class will use Lincoln-Douglas format debates to argue opposing sides of relevant issues. Research shows that kids who participate in debate show improvement in academics, critical thinking, confidence, communication and cultural awareness. Join the conversation. 


KSVA TV Ch. 20: Students in this class will act as reporters, writing, producing, directing, and presenting the news on KSVA-TV,  a weekly video broadcast that gives students an overview of the happenings on our campus. 


Learning Lab: Do you need more time to finish classwork? Would you like to get your homework out of the way, so you have more free time after school? Would you like access to tutoring or one-on-one help with your assignments? Do you just need a quiet space to get your work done? If you answered "yes" to any of the above, the Learning Lab is the place for you. 


Student Aide*: Student Aides must be responsible, reliable, and able to work independently. Candidates must have excellent grades in both engagement and achievement across all subjects. Students selected for these positions will assist primary grade teachers, office, or library staff with various light clerical duties and other tasks as needed.